Digitalization now made almost a must for many businesses by the covid 19 pandemic, comes with intent risk from hackers with ill intent of stealing from or harming a business. According to National Information Technology Authority of Uganda(NITA-U) , technology alone will not be enough but the human being using the technology must be aware of the dangers.

If your staff are aware on the password hygiene, if your staff are aware on even identifying the threats because some people see things running on their computers and they can’t tell why , they haven't touched anything but my mouse is running from Z to E. If you can create that awareness within the organization it goes  a long way to create a cyber safe environment for you as an sme .

Because cyber security is a very agile, it’s an evolving kind of space you will invest in this technology today before you know it you'll have to invest the next technology you'll have to do abcd during a conference organized by NITA - U on cyber security it emerged that in pursuing the customer businesses have put innovation ahead of everything.

What has not been happening to our liking is the digital strategy is not moving in line with the security strategy , so it's happening security is happening as more of an afterthought unfortunately when the incident happens is when some institutions fall back and start to figure out what it is that didn't work from a security perspective .

It's now that businesses must not only digitalize but also be ready to deal with the occurring risks and challenges of the digital world , Racheal Nabisubi NTV business