Civil Society Organizations1After years of advocacy with civil society organizations in their multiple groups demanding for a reduction of public expenditure, the cabinet's decision to scrap some government agencies came with a lot of excitement. “There are better ways we can do things and at this particular moment, we are glad that government finally has seen the light and has been able to look at some of these proposals that we made to ensure that we are able to reduce government wastage. It is so hurting to find that you have agencies that are doing almost similar work.” Said, Julius Mukunda – Executive Director, CSBAG.

The civil society groups now want the directive to be scaled down to the President’s Office to help deal with wasteful positions. “It became now like for rewarding those who have lost cousins or relatives and so forth. So it became a patronage system.” Said, David Pulkol – Executive Director, AFLI.

Saying the new directive implemented is what civil society groups are looking up to. They want a repeal of the law that mandates their question as the first step in their implementation of the directive. “…for changes in the legal framework, we are aware that several laws will be repealed and even the constitution will require amendments.

Therefore it is important for the government to ensure that the roadmap designed will take care of the legal issues that will rise of this rationalization process.” Said, Julius Mukunda – Executive Director, CSBAG. The recent directive to merge government authorities has sparked celebrations amongst civil society groups who have for so long advocated for the wasteful tendencies. They now want the same policy to be rolled down in the president’s office where there are many wasteful positions.