Eddie Mutwe Bobi WinesEdward Sebufu commonly known as Eddie Mutwe the bodyguard of Kyadondo East legislator Bobi Wine who was arrested in Arua and his whereabouts remained unknown was finally been produced at Gulu Magistrate's Court and charged with treason. Contrary to an earlier Court Order by the Civil Development Co urt in Kampala for his immediate release.

The Grade One Magistrate remanded Eddie Mutwe to Gulu Main Prison up to the 1st of October when he will return to the same court. “You together with other 33 people, you are charged with the offense of treason. It’s contrary to section 23 (I) (b) of the criminal court.”

Before Eddie Mutwe could appear before the Magistrate Court, there was drama as prison officers each denied having Eddie in their custody. “The Order is unconditional release and you are an officer in this Magistrate Court and you have a duty to enforce Court Orders as a Prisons Officer. This is a Court Order, this an Order of the High Court of Uganda.” “I will need to get advice from my superior.” “They are no longer in our custody, if they were in our custody they would be in police cells now. But when you go the police cells they are not there and even our records are very clear that these people have left police.”

In his remarks to NBS TV, defense lawyer Toni Kitara expressed discomfort on how police and prisons service denied having Eddie Mutwe even when they had a Court Order for his release. “It is quite unfortunate, it quite despicable, it is beyond words that with us we have an Order of the High Court and the police does not honor it, the prisons service does not honor it.

We bring it to the attention of the Court and it is also not honored. It is just unfortunate.” Said, Toni Kitara – Eddie Mutwe’s Lawyer. Edward Sebufu commonly known as Eddie Mutwe who is Bobi Wine's bodyguard was charged and remanded to Gulu Main Prison till 1st of October and is expected to appear before the same court.