The air was filled with prayers as residents of Tororo town joined millions of other Ugandans to bid 2017 farewell and welcome the New Year. At King George Stadium in Tororo Municipality, night prayers were organized by the spring of four Priests headed by Pastor Charles Yiga with thousands of Christians faithfully gathered to ask for a blessed 2018. These danced and sang songs of praise as the clock ticked away to the far bold stroke of midnight. It was time for hanging and excitement as the hour hand of the clock reads midnight. Pastor Charles Yiga called upon Christians to embrace peace in the New Year urging the end to the Jopadhola – Itesot conflicts that threaten to split the district.

Optimistic Christians told NBS Television what they hoped to achieve in the New Year. “The year of possibilities and the year of favor. And that’s what am expecting, as a working class all the impossibilities that I have seen in 2017 I won’t see them in 2018 and I believe that the Lord will do something much better.” “I expect the best results for this year that is for my personality.” “Tororo as a district you know has been always having wrangles so the solution is to see that we fight these wrangles shouldn’t just go on, we pray for our people.” unlike last year, entertainment venues and streets remained devoid of revealers as people kept indoors in churches.