Bee Farmers Call for Financial Help

Bee farmers under their association Kamwenge Bee Keepers Cooperative Savings and Credit Society Limited want the government to turn a draft policy into an Act of Parliament and allocate specific budget towards beekeeping. “The decision makers take it seriously so that when we bring our issues, they are easily understood and heard. More especially on the policy which has been in draft form for so long.” Said, Tusiime Rose – Bee Farmer.

This, they believe will transform the sector and the parties involved access funding to improve their living conditions. "Once we have a budget committed to the beekeeping sector, it will improve the practices in beekeeping from subsistence to commercial farming." Said, George Tunanukye – Bee Farmer.

Kamwenge district with 759 bee farmers produces 20 tons of honey per season alongside other products. And a kilogram of honey currently goes between 130,000 to 120,000 shillings which have improved people’s income. In terms of prices, a kilogram of honey fetches higher prices compared to commodities in other sectors. “They are thinking about other things like oil in Uganda but a kilogram of honey is higher than the price of petrol.” Said, Deborah Amoni – Bee Farmer. “So beekeeping has given us employment, beekeeping has raised some of us; it has paid our school fees.” Said, Birungi Fiona – Bee Farmer. On 19th December 2017, the United Nations declared May 20th as a national Bee Day. Beekeeping has since been introduced in schools to empower students with bee farming skills in their day to day lives.