CEO’s Advised to Invest in Disruptive Technologies

The rapid wave of technology has become an unavoidable disrupter to most businesses that fail to embrace it, it reduces one’s competitive capacity in this digital edge. And being at the helm of businesses, CEOs have been challenged to make investments in new technologies as a priority in their long-term business strategies. “You have to be able to anticipate what a future customer would look like, what are the needs of his future customer and then you tailor and say what technology are we likely to need in this organization.” Said, Edgar Isingoma – Country Leader, KPMG. “And then the other aspect is really to keep continuous improvement and investment in cyber mitigation aspects, driving capacity of your people and also making the right investments to counter cyber-related risks.” Said, Benson Mwesigwa – Senior Manager, KPMG.

Their appreciation needs to trickle down to employees who handle the day to day business growth. "50% of the CEOs felt that they were doing enough for their people to be ready for digital revolution. When you look at the investments they are undertaking, the training they are undertaking in these institutions you feel that really they are trying." Said, Edgar Isingoma – Country Leader, KPMG. This should not only be limited to well-established businesses but even startups regardless of how expensive technology can be. “We are opening new avenues for everyone so that we create more jobs rather than reducing them.” Said, Benson Mwesigwa – Senior Manager, KPMG. The glaring danger that awakes those who failed to embrace this technology cannot be underestimated. “As an organization you will be wiped out, it important to anticipate the future and deliver it today. Otherwise, you don’t want to anticipate it, you will be the people left behind.” Said, Edgar Isingoma – Country Leader, KPMG.

This as KPMG released the 2018 East Africa CEOs Outlook Survey with focus on technology disruption, realistic growth, and digital transformation. The survey enables CEOs to understand what they can prioritize and what is driving businesses in the digital environment.