The Holidays!

Christmas Holidays as we call them here in Uganda are upon us. This is the best time of the year for the majority of us folks. We finally get the much-needed rest, get to spend quality time with family and travel. However the preparations leading up to the holidays are hectic, t he human traffic in downtown Kampala is crazy, the streets are flooded with merchandise as traders try to get rid of old stock, bus and taxi operators have doubled their fares but still, this does not hinder people from traveling to and fro upcountry. The city dwellers take advantage of the long leave from work to travel to their respective birth districts for the holidays. Traders from upcountry towns flock to Kampala to shop for the festivities. Most popular items are women’s and children’s clothing plus footwear and food. People stock up on foodstuffs and beverages to last the long holidays since everyone including the traders will take a break in most cases till the new year.

The entertainment industry also benefits from this period. bars, restaurants, live bands, and musicians are fully booked, most weekends are action packed with weddings, parties, and merrymaking.

Considering the hectic schedule in Kampala, it is no wonder that people look forward to this holiday as a time to relax and meet up with family and friends. Those upcountry waits in anticipation for the city folk, who also do not disappoint, they arrive with loads of goodies for the eager villagers. There is also the group of those from abroad or overseas who flood the country bringing with them pomp and foreign currency to spend.

The holidays are important for us all to take time and reflect on the year past and prepare for the new year. It's a time to self-evaluate and account for the resolutions made earlier on in the year. Personally, this period shall be all about Thanksgiving, it has been one he of a year, I am thankful for life, good health and family.

I wish you all happy holidays and may the spirit of Christmas be upon you. Merry Christmas!!