Over Dependence On The Help

Almost every household has a house help or maid as we commonly refer to them. The maid has become a very important person in some household to the point that they cease to function without the help, the daily routine comes to a standstill, work is affected, school and generally destabilizes the household. This over dependence on the help is worrying to the extent that some people will be a no show at work when the house help leaves abruptly or falls ill? Over dependence on a house help is very risky especially in Uganda where they are unstable and not committed to their jobs. most of these girls are society rejects who have failed at school, marriage or are basically the black sheep of the family. They become maids not out of love for the job but due to lack of anything better to do. One would therefore be taking a very huge risk to depend on such a character to run their household and take care of the children. We are living in a generation where by children are not taught how to be self reliant and independent, they do not know how to do simple tasks like cleaning after themselves, washing and even bathing. the maid is in-charge of this. Some people do not even know what meals the children are feeding, such duties are handled by the maid, the maid becomes the child’s role model and influences the child accordingly whilst the parents are preoccupied with their lives. This seems to be the teen in middle class households where the maid is in-charge of everything including disciplining the child.

I am not against one employing maids however, we should not hand over absolute power to the maid, or help, the head of the home should Be in-charge of their household and simply instruct the help on what should be done and how it should be accomplished. The same way our superiors retain their power and authority at the work place, I think we can also have a professional relationship with the help.

It is also possible to live comfortably without a house help. However, this takes commitment and a high level of organization. Every member of the household must partake of the house chores, clean up after themselves and ensure that they do their chores. Mechanizing the home will also ease the burden, one can invest in a washing machine, dish washer, water heater among others. You can draw up a simple menu of light meals during the course of the week, invest in a good freezer, this will help one freeze meals and microwave at ease.

With everyone chipping in, house chores become fun and less tasking and also provide binding moments for the family.

However, there is no shame in asking for help once in a while. one can opt for the occasional house keeper or baby sitter. Day cares are also an option though costly.