Women And Fashion.

I have maximum respect for business people who deal in women’s clothing. Women’s fashion just like women themselves is the hardest thing to foresee and predict because the fashion trends keep changing. It is hard enough to convince one female to purchase an item. Unfortunately, most shop in groups and each one has an opinion especially the one who came as the chaperone. she will dissect a cloth, claim to know a cheaper place, discourage the buyer and eventually drag her away in search of a “better” and “cheaper” deal. An attendant must have lots of patience and self-control when it comes to female customers especially those who enter the store in groups.

Have you ever looked a very smart and stylish lady walk towards you in stilettos and wondered how she balances in those shoes? I have. I have seen a lady run in these, I have never seen her in flat shoes, in fact I think she works out in her stilettos, she once assured me that her most powerful weapon was her shoes, if she were ever to be attacked, she would hit the assailant hard on the head with her stiletto, I am yet to see her in action.

What about the huge bags that some tow around. so huge and heavy that you wonder how the carrier can move around all day with this huge cargo! I can assure you doctors will soon start receiving patients complaining of shoulder and back ache. the reason behind all this will be these humongous bags they insist on carrying around! Have you ever wondered what goes into these bags? For some it’s a whole wardrobe, shoes, clothes, lotion, hair oil, hair dryer, an extra set of underwear, dirty laundry whereas for others it also doubles as a food basket filled with left overs and flasks! I heard men complaining about these bags.

At a wedding ceremony, one of the guests kept stealing food, cake, drinks and dropping them into her bag, guests stared on shock as she proceeded to steal the decorative plates and napkins off the tables! you will notice that most people do not allow big bags into their party areas anymore, better safe than sorry!

Now let’s talk about the jump suits, with the right size and shape, a lady can look really smashing in this. However, have you ever wondered what happens behind the scenes when one needs to go to the bathroom? Its for this reason that I have stayed away from jump suits and overalls all together.

In the never-ending quest for the perfect shape and waist, a lot of women have been persuaded to buy corsets, body shapers and waist trainers. I have several of these lying around somewhere. The most restrictive and uncomfortable wear I have ever had to endure all in the name of perfection! I will confess that once in a while I do wear one of my several collectables and I must confess that I like what I see when I stand in front of the mirror wearing one of these! However, the longest time I have ever endured this restrictive, hot and uncomfortable piece of clothing was 30 minutes. I can assure you that if I am to wear it beyond that I will probably collapse. My advice though would be never to wear these during our hot season. whoever came up with this clothing did not consider our heat and humidity!

One of the most ridiculous fashion items of all times for me is the silly little purse that ladies carry to parties that can only hold a key! Its so ridiculously small that I sometimes think it was made for a Barbie doll. So, you walk in holding a purse in one hand, then your phone and handkerchief in another. total loss!

fashion items are recycled. what was trending today can quickly become obsolete. trends change daily and are as confusing as women themselves. I am guilty of hoarding shoes. the only way I can control myself from collecting shoes is by not passing anywhere near a shoes store, I am still looking for a permanent solution to this condition, maybe a session or two with a good therapist may help!