Hearing Impaired Choir Impresses With Songs Of Worship

George Obonyo and his wife Jacinta Mukali were part of the delegation from St. Andrews Presbyterian Church of East Africa in Kenya who were on a mission to preach the gospel to people with hearing impairment in Uganda. It was a rare day at the Presbyterian Church of East Africa in Lukuli Makindye Division as Pastor George and his delegation led the prayers. “What you are watching is a manifestation of true worship in spirit as being demonstrated by this group of visiting Kenyans with hearing impairment.”

The prayers and scripture reading were conducted in sign language with the help of an interpreter for the benefit of those who didn’t understand sign language. “Source on the water, immediately Jesus made the disciples get into the boat and go on ahead of him to the other side. While he dismissed the crowd, after he had dismissed them he went up on the mountain side by himself to pray.” George said sometimes people who cannot hear find it strange when they come across him preaching the gospel. “Gift God had given us using sign language to reach to all and to show each other love and fellowship.” George Obonyo – Pastor, Presbyterian Church of East Africa.

When it came to praise and worship, one couldn’t help but wonder how these people connected and danced to the rhythm of the music. “The deaf; they don’t talk and they don’t hear but that beat of the drum has some impact of vibration in the hearts and they are able to match with the beat and they know and they follow it.” Father Godfrey Kato who hosted the delegation and other leaders urged parents to support children with hearing impairment. “We should not hide those children who are disabled on any part of the body because we have instances even in Kenya where a parent may feel embarrassed that I have a child who is deaf, I have a child who is not able to walk, and they feel it’s better I hide this child. Our only message is don’t hide.” Said FR. Godfrey Kato – Presbyterian Church of East Africa, Makindye.